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If you have seemingly tried everything to lose weight, you may be discouraged and upset. You may have tried dozens of different diet plans and online programs. You have exercised a healthy amount, but you have not seen the results you want.

Being overweight or obese is hard on your body. It can cause health problems like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pains, and even cancer. If your health is your highest priority, it may be time for you to consider weight loss surgery.

Dr Carlos Barba, a weight loss surgery specialist from Harlingen, TX, explains who makes a good candidate for weight loss surgery and how you can begin the process of losing weight and improving your overall health.

Finding Good Candidates

You will be asked which types of diets you have tried. Many people find it difficult to lose weight when they are simply cutting calories alone. They may also neglect to ensure that the calories they are eating represent a fully balanced and healthy diet. You will also be asked whether you have been faithful to your exercise routine, getting at least 30 minutes of exercise four to five times a week.

To become a candidate for weight loss surgery, it is necessary to lose as much weight as possible on your own before beginning the process. This shows that you are serious about changing your lifestyle and will be ready for the more drastic changes that will happen directly before and after the surgery.

A psychologist or social worker will interview you. This healthcare professional will ask you why you want to lose weight and make sure you are ready for a permanent change to a healthy lifestyle. They will examine your reasoning behind choosing weight loss surgery and make sure that you are mentally and emotionally stable before the surgery takes place.

Requirements for Weight Loss Surgery

You should weigh under 450 pounds when you are ready for surgery. This is the maximum weight that most hospital radiology equipment can handle. If you must lose weight to meet this requirement, dietitians and exercise specialists can help you.

The Preparation Process

Two weeks before the surgery takes place, you will be placed on a liquid diet. This is extremely difficult for many people, but it is necessary to prepare the body for surgery.



You will need to continue eating a low-calorie, fully balanced diet permanently after your surgery. If you fail to keep up with your diet, you may regain weight. This could represent a major waste of your time and money in getting the surgery, and your doctor will do everything they can to encourage you to stay with the program. Ultimately, the responsibility of keeping up with the program rests on you.

Discovering Whether You Are a Good Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a major procedure and should not be taken lightly. Your weight loss surgeon and their support staff of nurses and nutritionists will be able to help you design a new lifestyle that will keep the weight off and ensure your health and wellness far into the future.

Originally published at on September 7, 2021.

Carlos A. Barba, MD is committed to providing the highest level of care in the fields of general surgery and weight loss surgery.

Carlos A. Barba, MD is committed to providing the highest level of care in the fields of general surgery and weight loss surgery.